Monday, June 7, 2010

The Only Ass Getting Kicked Is BO's

A while back, a saying went around the BO Regime like whoever said it was reading from a teleprompter (tah dum): "In great crisis there is opportunity." (I know this because a couple smaller oil spills born before me told me about it.)

Remind me. What's the opportunity I present BO?

As far as I can tell, it's music night. BOs love for the gala, for the dramatic, for visits by the Jerry Seinfelds and the Paul McCartneys and the Kelly Clarksons is surpassed only by his passion for date night, or anything else the taxpayer gets to pay for ... in 274 years.

Or maybe it's oil-doused seaweed salad and tar ball pancakes with chemical dispersant syrup chased with a glass of my orangish sheen. At least that's what BO and his glitterati should be served during their galas, while the people who live on, and depend on, the Gulf of Mexico can't work.

Now, I know that BO has shut down drilling in the Gulf for six months (except for the relief well to plug my damn hole). And I know that BO has said I have provided the perfect opportunity for the Regime to Rahm through cap and slave legislation, so the people of America can have something else to riot about, unlike the Greeks.

Who am I to say what's what? Hey, I'm just an oil spill. My job is to spew. And I do a pretty damned good job of it if, after 49 days of gushing, BO's response to me is being rated worse than that Bush guy's response to Katrina.

I don't know. I wasn't around then. But I can tell you that it's June. Guess what starts in June? Ever had the worst environmental disaster on your hands, with no end in sight, during Hurricane Season, and a recession?

Yeah, baby! That's opportunity there!

For being a Dhummi.

And maybe that's why "angry BO" has been unleashed again, to let us know that he knows that we know that when he says he knows "whose ass to kick" -- it's just another way for him to say "let me be clear," or not.

But you and I both know that BO always looks for someone else to blame. And, in the end, people who don't accept their own responsibilities ... well, they're the ones who get their asses kicked -- quite hard.

UPDATE: Thanks to iOwnTheWorld and Nice Deb and Tammy Bruce and Soylent Green for their support. Just don't get oil on your hands, like BO.


  1. "Hurricanes hardly 'hever' happen to Hussein."

    --My Fair Mady

  2. What a tool your boss is, oil spill.

    Because of of his cheerleaders gives him advice to get mad, or "go off", the next day he tries to get all gangsta.

    Obummer couldn't even kick his own ass if he fell down from running.

  3. Oil Spill, I'm just surprised that Bush hasn't been blamed for you somehow... yet.

  4. Maybe he should go and kick Michelle's then- besides the fact she needs it, should provide ample enough target to insure Mr Girlythrowinmomjeans won't miss- that thing's like the back of a bus

  5. Now that we have sent Nero to Washington, it looks like his fiddle has arrived as well. When America said, "let's put a clueless Kenyan in charge," we chose self destruction, so just lay back, close your eyes and relax. It should all be over fairly quickly.

  6. Kick ass? Obongo couldn't find his own ass in the dark with both hands and a hot curling iron.