Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Waiting For Christmas Too

I keep waiting for the moment BO dashes from the White House and leaps into a phone booth amid a flash of blinding light then bursts back outside wearing His Superman suit and flies up up up into space and starts rocketing around the world faster than a speeding bullet again and again so Earth revolves backwards and He throws on his brakes and skids to a halt and kicks a satellite (Star Wars Defense, of course) and switches direction and flies around the world faster than a speeding bullet again and again so Earth starts spinning forward again and He swoops down from outer space and dives into the Gulf and plummets to the bottom and arrives just as the Deep Horizon explodes and sinks and He catches the falling pipeline and twists it into a giant pretzel He shoves into the seabed to plug my damned hole.

Maybe he's waiting for Christmas too.


  1. Pardon me, but isn't it the Democrats who are against drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, and the Republicans who want to "drill our way to lower oil prices?" Doesn't this prove that Sarah Palin is just dead wrong on the energy issue? That corporate greed will never lead to responsible behavior without government oversight?

  2. Erm, you just proved the point. Environmental policy doesn't allow much exploration on land, you know, for the environment. They also don't allow off shore drilling in shallow seas, you know, for the environment. So, the companies have to drill in deep water. Then, when the thing breaks, they can't fix it.

    In the end, environmental policy caused a massive environmental disaster, you know, for the environment.

    "Liberalism always achieves the exact opposite of it's stated intent." - Jim Quinn

  3. BO does not celebrate Cristmas. (Are we allowed to speak of "Christian" holidays anymore) BO celebrates Kwanzaa, Mayday (may fool's day), and Ramadan. He is on haaj now, so he cannot speak you out of existance.

  4. You Poor Thing, would Super Barack do this to you? I think der Presidenti needs sensitivity training.