Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey, BO: The Front Page Belongs to ME

When BO sits down with Gen. Stanley McChrystal today for a beer summit over the Afghanistan war chief’s loose lips, he’ll just be trying to knock me off the front pages.

On the one hand, I’m impressed with the swift and bold action he’s taking with McChrystal. If criticizing BO was all it took to get his prompt attention, I would have started this blog a lot sooner than three weeks ago. Then maybe the effort to kick my ass would be a lot further along.

But the fact is, even if BO manages to give McChrystal one of the pink slips he wears around the Oval Office to match the new furniture he had Interior Decorator Ken Salazar install, he won’t be feeling pretty and witty and bright for long.

Unfortunately for BO, I'm still front page news, thanks to federal Judge Martin L.C. Feldman, who quashed BO’s moratorium on deepwater drilling yesterday. In yet another blow for the Failure in Chief, Feldman said the Regime not only didn’t prove an all out ban was necessary but also that BO’s truth-changers misstated that the National Academy of Engineering supports a 6 month moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, when it does not.

I’ve said it before: BO lies and the Gulf dies.

When the news sifted down through the salt water in the Gulf last night, a lot of my oil field friends threw a party, thinking that happy days are here again, that they’ll be useful again, that people will love them again and will drive their cars to stores and on family vacations instead of to beaches on Tybee Island, Georgia, to form human booms in protest against Big Oil.

But my friends are pretty naïve. Never fear; BO won't ever stop trying to Rahm his ideology down your throats. He’s ordered Salazar to focus his efforts on writing a new set of lies the Regime can use to stop deepwater drilling in the Gulf. I guess that means there’ll be a moratorium on that order of pink drapes for the West Wing, for now.

Meanwhile, BO’s already managed to stop sand berm dredging off the coast of Louisiana, presumably because he had enough shrimp and crawfish and crab to eat during his visit last week and doesn’t plan to return anytime soon, unless a round of golf is involved.

If I wanted to be cynical, I'd say that BO really does want to shut down all the drilling rig operators and suppliers that rely on all the oil under the Gulf. I’d say he really does want to put tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of oil rig-dependent Americans, out of work. I’d say he really does want the oil companies to take their big fat bank accounts that funnel currency into the American economy and move to countries that aren’t looking to steer their societies back to something resembling pre-Industrial Age civilization.

Who am I kidding? I have more than enough facts to unequivocally say the BO Regime continues to act stupidly.


  1. Yes,the General is a diversion but only temporarily. The ta ta restaurants are already taking oysters off the menu. What will "the folks" do?

    I read that there are oysters available but the gov't is paying higher wages for clean up work so there's no one left to catch the fish.

    I saw photos of the General entering the WH. I hope he decks BHO. Well, I can dream.

  2. I say what is the problem with oil in the water anyway? At least now no one notices the condoms and medical waste washing up on the beach.

  3. Looks like you are ADAMANT about staying on the front page, Oil Spill!!

  4. Obama should be ashamed, trying to use the General to divert attention from you, the main story.

    No matter the harping of the day by the MSM, however, all eyes remain on you, Spill.

  5. Obama distracts, and the Oil Spill attacks. It seems you're a bit too big to ignore Oil Spill.

  6. When BO sits down with Gen. Stanley McChrystal today for a beer summit over the Afghanistan war chief’s loose lips, he’ll just be trying to knock me off the front pages.

    The general-diversion didn't last very long. LOL.